Man finds $23,000 cash on a bus, goes on a giant bender, spending the money on cars and cocaine


This morning, Clint and Pax were discussing a story that was brought to the media's attention last week, about a Canadian man who forgot he left $100,000 in his TV 30 years ago, the cash has since been found in a scrap heap. 

So, the Breakfast team put a call out to the George listeners, asking if anyone had ever found a large quantity of money... and damn, did they get a story. 

Jaime, a George listener, called up to talk about how one time he found $23,000 cash in a bag on a bus (immediately after a group of "Asian people" got off). He then proceeded to shove the cash down his shirt and immediately launched into a giant bender. 

"I bought a car and lots of cocaine, ended up getting busted by the cops on Sydney Harbour Bridge." 

Jaime then revealed that he actually ended up in prison for 12 months because of this incident. 

Clint asked: "Jaime, having been through the experience and going to prison, do you regret it?

"Oh hell no."


Listen to the audio above to hear the full story.