New Zealand news outlets gripped by "buckets of semen" troll


Clint, Pax and Haylee discussed the "bucket of semen" story which blew up on social media last night, after Julian Rivers-Smith - a renowned troll and Johnny Danger affiliate - posted a status on his personal Facebook about a couple doing the nasty in his temporarily vacant changing room inside a popular mens clothing store.

Reportedly this couple left "buckets of semen all over them (the clothes) and the walls." 

First of all, "buckets" seems very excessive... surely you'd need more than one man and a few minutes of passion in a changing cubicle to produce "buckets of semen"?

Secondly, Julian Rivers-Smith has been caught trolling before. Last year he was responsible for the fake news story about a pooey waterslide at Maccas that even hit international papers. We gave him a call on the Breakfast show and he admitted to lying about the whole thing...

So, we live in a world where someone with a reputation for talking bullshit can become the top trending news story in the country, based almost entirely off a personal Facebook status.

What a time to be alive.