The "cash me ousside" girl whooped someone's ass on a plane, faces lifetime ban from airline


Danielle Bregoli, or as she had been affectionately dubbed by the internet; the ‘Cash me Ousside’ girl, just can’t shake the media attention.

First she went viral for her parents-with-uncontrollable-children stint on Dr. Phil. Then suicide rumours were circulating. Some girls legitimately ‘cashed her ousside’, as in beat her up on camera. She's developing a massive Instagram following (3 mil strong) and has posted a bunch of weird selfie vids . A viral trap remix from her Dr. Phil interview did the rounds. She got caught on camera threatening to fight the paparazzi last week.

…and now she’s been filmed “whooping someone’s ass” on a plane.

Bregoli’s reportedly facing a lifetime ban from Spirit Airlines.

Although she's claiming the whooping victim deserved it and stands by her actions, saying the woman in the video physically attacked her mum, who is recovering from cancer. 
Yes, the same Mum who claimed no longer wanted to parent her.

Looks like with all this media attention, Barb and Dani are finally batting for the same team.

Silver linings aye.

How bow dah.