Beer yoga classes take off at Auckland bar

funny shit 23/03/2017

An Auckland bar is taking yoga to dizzying new heights by mixing beer with the good old 'downward dog'.

Beer yoga is a new trend that's taking off overseas, with women using lager to entice their boyfriends into the health craze.

"It hit Australia last year and was big in Melbourne. We saw it and thought, what a great idea, let's try it," Master and Apprentice Bar's Stacy Hart told Newshub.

It's a balancing act - reaching a zen state without reaching a drunk one.

Wednesday night's class, the first of its kind, proved popular.

"We've got six sessions - this is the first and they're all booked out," Ms Hart said.

The origins of beer yoga are contested - some say it started with Berlin hipsters, others say the idea was born at California's Burning Man Festival.

But yoga is meant to be done on an empty stomach to improve digestive health and rid the body of toxins. So is beer the best idea?

"It's about moderation and it's about having fun, it's not about getting sloshed and doing yoga," instructor Chelsea Perkins said.

Moderation aside, the instructors' urging for people to relax still creates other issues.

"You should not do 'happy baby' and drink beer, because that will lead to gas problems," one participant told Newshub.

The classes are attracting a mix of men and women and Ms Perkins said it's a fun way for people to learn yoga.

"[It's] an awesome to teach yoga in a really fun environment, a non-intimidating environment, and to reach a new audience," she said.