'What Would Diplo Do' the TV show is hitting your screens in five weeks

trailer 22/06/2017

Starring James Van Der Beek (aka that dude with all the feelings in Dawson's Creek),  What Would Diplo Do looks like it's gonna be fucking hilarious.

On the show, Van Der Beek has said: "It's crazy, it's ridiculous, it's really deep and it's completely stupid."

"And he's (Diplo's) been such a good sport, he's like 'make me look totally ridiculous' and I'm like 'well, we gotta make you somewhat likable,' and he's like 'no, make me look so stupid,' and I'm like 'oh, okay.' 

Yes. Diplo. This is why we love you. Well... one of the many reasons.

Sounds like all kinds of amazing. 

It'll be Viceland's first scripted show and it'll be hitting our screens August third.