Peking Duk's 7am game of "Leaking Duk" will make you crave a cheeky morning VB

peking duk 04/07/2017

At 7am, on November 22nd, we took the Peking Duk boys from 0 to 100 real quick - using the Australian icon, ye ol' six pack of VBs.    

Benny Boy, eloquent as always, explained our reasoning:

"Basically, shortest time possible to smash two Victoria Bitters. To tie it in with these two and so it doesn't look like binge drinking, I've called it leaking duk." 

The Peking Duk boys had stellar times, both under twenty seconds - But you'll note Benny Boy was the only one who managed to shotgun correctly with his mouth over the leaking hole. 

Maybe we'll have to teach Adam and Reuben how to shotgun next time we see 'em... WHICH IS IN THREE DAYS... Yep! DEEP HARD N FUNKY is hitting Auckland this weekend! 

Nab your tickets now and see these two legends in person this Saturday!