The web girl tried to teach Peking Duk how to shotgun... and failed miserably

Last time Peking Duk joined us on the George deck, we got them to shotgun two cans of VB in a round of 'Leaking Duk with Peking Duk' - which was essentially just a rhyming guise to cover up the fact we were binge drinking... *cough* I mean... what!?.

Anyway, the boys absolutely cooked it. Stabbing the hole, opening the top, then drinking from the hole at the BOTTOM and WASTING HALF THE BEER. 


So, I took it upon myself to give Adam a lesson in proper shotgun technique. Only, I ended up eating my words... Or rather drinking them.


Yeah... yeah, I did.

Good thing Adam enjoyed it. 

That beer went down like a fucking treat.

Note to self: Don't try shotgun a can of Good George. Those pop-tops aren't so poppy... Yeah, it was definitely the pop-top, not the Roisin...

Roisin Kelly
(AKA Ro the web girl)