The web girl tried to teach Peking Duk how to shotgun... and failed miserably

peking duk 18/07/2017

Last time Peking Duk joined us on the George deck, we got them to shotgun two cans of VB in a round of 'Leaking Duk with Peking Duk' - which was essentially just a rhyming guise to cover up the fact we were binge drinking... *cough* I mean... what!?.

Anyway, the boys absolutely cooked it. Stabbing the hole, opening the top, then drinking from the hole at the BOTTOM and WASTING HALF THE BEER. 


So, I took it upon myself to give Adam a lesson in proper shotgun technique. Only, I ended up eating my words... Or rather drinking them.


Yeah... yeah, I did.

Good thing Adam enjoyed it. 

That beer went down like a fucking treat.

Note to self: Don't try shotgun a can of Good George. Those pop-tops aren't so poppy... Yeah, it was definitely the pop-top, not the Roisin...

Roisin Kelly
(AKA Ro the web girl)