Haylee catches up with Starley to talk new music, fashion, and potential collabs

interview 17/08/2017

Starley's hit tune 'Call On Me' has racked up a whopping 460 million streams on Spotify.  Produced by our very own P-Money, remixed by Ryan Riback, the track has been one of the biggest tunes of the year on George.

So, when Haylee got the opportunity to do an interview with Starley herself, no surprises, she leapt at it.

Just two girls with big hair, dope fashion and a passion for bangers hanging on a couch. What's not to like? 

Side note, don't get use to that beautiful studio set up. As far as the Mediaworks Family goes George FM is still that weird, broke brother who lives on Mum's couch and smokes too many bongs...  

The team over at Rova set all this up, with the fancy tracking camera and the lights and the studio...  We'll be back to shaky, badly lit footage in the George Studios tomorrow.  

Cheers Rova!

Want more? Starley gave us an acoustic performance of 'Call On Me' right after this interview and it will give you chills.