MC Slave answers whether or not Fat Freddy's will perform if Jacinda becomes PM


Earlier this week, Labour leader and potential future Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Adern spoke about whether or not Fat Freddy's Drop will be performing outside parliment if she was to win the election.

In her Facebook Live interview, she talked about how much she loved the Kiwi hitmakers and jokingly said 'let's write that down, that's a great idea.'

Of course, in the mission to get her in to do a hot set on George FM Breakfast, the team saw this as an opportunity to possibly do a trade with Jacinda by offering her Fat Freddy's if she would come in and finally do her hot set.

MC Slave was in studio this morning, so the team hit him up.

Will Fat Freddy's perform for Jacinda as a trade for a George Breakfast hot set? Find out above.