How does Kara's breast milk taste in a latte? Producer Ben finds out

George FM Breakfast 11/09/2017

Ok, a little backstory before you jump to conclusions.

This story of a woman at Burning Man serving up dozens of people cups of her sweet sweet titty milk, made headlines around the world. Because it's 2017 and of course it would.

If you asked yourself either "who would ever drink that?" or "I wonder what that tastes like?" - then you've wound up in the right place, because those are two questions George Breakfast intend to answer.

Kara - who has to regularly feed a hungry little baby, generously donated a bottle of her finest for the boys to taste test. GB.

So, armed with Kara's still-warm breast milk (fresh off the pump!) and Clint's Nespresso milk frother machine (because we legit here) - we served up Producer Ben, aka Big B, a coffee for the ages.

How did it taste? Did anyone else have a try? Can anyone figure out why Tammy would think it would taste like a roast?

Check it out.