WATCH: Dan Bilzerian walk up to cops and demand they give him a gun during Vegas shooting

video 06/10/2017

The All American poster boy for guns, girls and the good life recevied heavy criticism for posting a video to his social media where he was seen fleeing the Las Vegas mass shooting saying:

"This is so f****** crazy. I had to go grab a gun, I’m f***** heading back.

It’s so crazy, some kind of mass shooting. Guy had a heavy calibre weapon for sure.

Saw some girl get shot in the face right next to me, her brains f****** hanging out."

New footage has since emerged of Bilzerian walking up to the cops and demanding they give him their guns and waving his gun license around.

The cops had no idea who the Instagram star was and told him to get fucked, or a variation of those words.  

But maybe he didn't deserve the harsh wrath of social media hate for being an advocate of gun and machoness and then appearing completely useless when a crisis was actually going down. 

Check the video out above.