Producer Sin dances on Lee Mvtthew's new music video and it's hot af

music video 07/12/2017

Lee Mvtthews teamed up with our very own Jay Bulletproof and the talented vocalist Marino Mariner for their debut single 'Nothing To Lose', and it's an absolute banger of a track. 

All great bangers deserve great music videos... And lee Mvtthews weren't finished f*cking with George.

Tom and Graham have pulled in Sin Howard - the GB who produces Drive with Dan Aux and hosts the Overnighter from midnight-6am every Mon-Thurs.  

Damn girl, didn't know you could dance like that!

The video follows a loose, dark storyline of "boy with girl, boy loses girl" - Sin busts some mad, saucy moves, there's a couple other hotties in there, Jay, Marino, Tom and Graham all make appearances. 

Top notch.

Love your work team.

Warning: probs not great for anyone with epilepsy - a lot of flashing lights going on in this one. 

Check out the brand, spanking new 'Nothing To Lose' video below.