Trailer for Kit Harington's new HBO show is here and it'll make GOT fans froth

trailer 20/11/2017

"Remember, remember the fifth of November."

A phrase you probs know from V for Vendetta - that badass movie that made us all fall in love with Natalie Portman - but actually originates from the OG Guy Fawkes story.

On that note, Kit Harington stars in a new three-part series called Gunpowder, a show about Guy Fawkes, set in 1608 when a group of rebels planned to assainate the King and restore a Catholic to the English crown. 

Harington plays Robert Catesby, who - despite Guy Fawkes notoriety - is historically viewed as the mastermind behind the assasination plot. 

There's gun, swords fighting, a thriller of a sound scape... It screened on BBC to rave reviews although some called the show "too gruesome and violent"...

Which really only makes us even more thirsty to see it.  

It sounds like a GOT fan's dream, or at least as close to a fresh encounter with Jon Snow as we're going to get before the eighth season's premiere, currently billed for a 2019 release. 

Check out the trailer for Gunpowder above, also starring Liv Tyler. It's set to premiere on HBO on December 18th.