WATCH: Troskie wanted us to premiere his new single so we told him to get 'Lost'

Breakfast 04/10/2017

You might know Troskie from his Breakfast Klub slot on George FM Nights, every Tuesday from 10pm. 

Well, the lad's teamed up with his fellow Breakfast Klub host, Cases on a new tune titled 'Lost'. The single dropped last Thursday, the 28th of September and he wanted to premiere it on George Breakfast. 

But you know what, sometimes shit just seems far too easy for these privileged millenial fuckers don't it?  

So, we said; "Aight. We like your tune...buuuut seen as it's called 'Lost', we're only giving it a spin if you let us put a blindfold over your head, drop you in the middle of nowhere, take away your iPhone and then you somehow get back here before 9am." 

This is a state of the art blindfold right here..."

"Yeah, our normal one is being used for some other kinky shit. So you're lucky.

Check Troskie's adventure above and his new tune below.  

'Lost' channels ambient electronica with melancholic quarter-life crisis feels.

Not bad vocals mate, solid tune, tight lyrics, sweet production on Cases front... yeah, okay, okay, we'll say it, we're a little bit proud.

Could see this one easing into the George FM Chillsville playlist. Wouldn't mind waking up to 'Lost' with a pounding head, a dry mouth and a craving for a blue Powerade... which, to be honest, is how we picture Troskie waking up most mornings.

If you like what you hear, tune into Breakfast Klub 10pm every Tuesday on George FM or catch Troskie hosting Bad Company every Wednesday night at 1885.