Win with BurgerFuel's Beyond Beleaf Burger


BurgerFuel is bringing back a burger that looks, cooks, smells, and tastes like 100% pure beef, but is made entirely of plants. Beyond Beleaf is back.

And to hook you up, we’re playing, beleaf it or not.

Listen at 8am and 4pm to play. You’ll hear a story about one of the announcers. Correctly decide if it's true or not, and you'll will 200 bucks, plus a Beyond Beleaf voucher so you can try the unbelievably meaty burger for yourself!

Head down to your local BurgerFuel today to experience the extraordinary with Beyond Beleaf, it’s 100% vegan and includes the Beyond Burger patty, vegan provolone cheese and BurgerFuel vegan aioli.