'Sonic sorcery': Sin, Brook, Lee, Dan Aux and more react to Flume's new tune

'Sonic sorcery': Sin, Brook, Lee, Dan Aux and more react to Flume's new tune

"K Road Mart meets church hymn midnight Christmas mass."

Flume has just bestowed upon us a brand new track from his forthcoming EP 'Palaces', which is due to drop on May 20. 

It's called 'Sirens' and features Caroline Polachek, one of many guest artists on Palaces, alongside MAY-A, Damon Albarn, Oklou, Kučka, and Vergen Maria. 

Flume said the collab with Caroline took place after they lived down the street from each other in LA, where they started "playing weekly games of Magic The Gathering with A.G. Cook and a few friends." 

"We started doing a session, and Danny L Harle showed me a voice note from Caroline with some very early stages of vocals. I loved it and went back in on it during the pandemic," he said.

Caroline explained that the lyric 'sirens' came from the sound of the many ambulances she could hear while living by herself in London during the "darkest time of the pandemic". 

Of course, the George FM team were fizzing over the new release - and here's what they thought about it: 

Dan Aux
"I think it would sound amazing at a live Flume gig alongside all his other tunes. Personally, I love it, I'm a fan of Flume's work. And I see what he's doing here, maybe it's not the greatest radio banger in the world but as a piece of art, incredible stuff." 

"What I love about Flume, is that within the first three seconds of listening, you know it’s his work. He's always pushing the sonic boundaries but staying true to his signature wonky style of production. Hypnotic vocals by Caroline Polachek, and drawing influence from colour bass, a new sound concept we are seeing in Dubstep."

"K Road Mart meets church hymn midnight Christmas mass." 

General Lee
"The sonic sorcery of the man gets me every time. You can tell it’s a Flume tune from the first few seconds!!" 

Medium Shawn
"Just as well the artwork for this song is a Lyrebird, the vocals do feel like delicate birdsong. However, the instrumentation sounds more like an assortment of power tools (that we know Flume is fond of) that are destroying the Lyrebird's natural habitat. Flume and only Flume could bridge the gap between these two energies, and while I think this juxtaposition is interesting and rich, I'm sure it won't be everyone's cup of bird food." 

Meanwhile, when Dan Aux played the track during the Mahi Mix earlier today, it left you guys pretty divided, if the text machine is anything to go by: 

"What an absolutely melodious chill vibes kind of track, he always delivers no matter the mood. Those vocals though, just sweet and boy do they deliver to Flume's masterpiece." 

"Absolutely amazing chill vibe." 


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