WATCH: Will Smith hits Chris Rock at the Oscars after Jada Pinkett-Smith joke

WATCH: Will Smith hits Chris Rock at the Oscars after Jada Pinkett-Smith joke

Woweee there's a bit to unpack here.

Yeah, there's a bit to process here.

Will Smith has stunned the crowd and viewers worldwide, storming the Oscars stage at Chris Rock, and appearing to take a swing at the comedian.

The stage invasion was in response to a joke Rock made about Smith's wife Jada - where he said he looks forward to seeing her in G.I. Jane 2, the original film starring Demi Moore with a shaved head - seemingly poking fun at her Alopecia.

After returning to his seat, Smith yelled at a stunned Rock to 'keep my wife's name out your f**king mouth'.

Footage of the incident quickly went viral, and Smith would face the crowd shortly after, when he was announced as the winner of the Best Actor award for his portrayal of tennis dad Richard Williams in King Richard.

His emotional acceptance speech touched on Williams' role as a 'fierce defender of his family' - perhaps a veiled shot at what had just happened.

Check out the emotional acceptance speech below.

Maybe Smith's speech - and subsequesnt apology to the Academy over the incident - clears up doubt over whether the attempted punch/slap was genuine. All we can say is holy sh*t there was a bit going one. Regardless of whether it was a set-up or not, it's one of the wildest live TV moments we've had for a while!

If you want to see Chris Rock live, he's actually just announced a World Tour recently and will be hitting our shores in August. Snap up some tickets here and try and stay in your seat.