Wilkinson says NZ 'changed his life' on epic mountain biking trip with P Digsss

Wilkinson says NZ 'changed his life' on epic mountain biking trip with P Digsss

The UK DJ and Shapeshifter singer bombed some snowy mountains in Queenstown.

Wilkinson said being in Aotearoa last year "changed his life" in a video of an incredible mountain biking trip he and Shapeshifter singer P Digsss went on in Queenstown. 

Sitting around the fire after an epic day of Bungy jumping, helicopter rides and "bombing hills with friends" down a snowy mountain - all documented in the footage below - the British DJ said how "amazing" the experience had been after being locked down so long. 

"It's honestly changed my life being out here this month, even before doing this, today - it's changed my life," he said. 

P Digsss told Wilkinson, who managed to play five New Zealand shows in the early part of 2021, that he had a "new fam down here now". 

"It's so amazing," Wilkinson replied. 

The 'Here For You' DJ said he first got into BMXing when he was a teenager, before having to give it up so he didn't "break his arms" and ruin his DJ career. 

"When lockdown happened in the UK I started BMXing again, and then I got a mountain bike," he said. 

P Digsss agreed, saying he often found musical inspiration from going riding. 

"Ideas don't come unless you inspire yourself," Wilkinson added. 

"That's what I find with riding man, you just concentrate. You can think about nothing except what you're doing."

Check out the full, iconic video to see what Wilkinson and P Digsss got up to, as well as to get a nice reminder of how bloody beautiful our country is.