Man goes camping alone, accidentally has “unbelievable weekend” at illegal rave

Man goes camping alone, accidentally has “unbelievable weekend” at illegal rave

A UK lad thought he was camping alone, turns out he was camping at a rave.

A UK lad who was intending to have a quiet camp in the middle of nowhere last weekend, accidentally ended up at an illegal rave.

As reported by NME, Oliver Broome went hiking through the Yorkshire Moors last weekend, but once he'd settled in his tent for the night, started hearing voices.

“The first half of the night went as planned,” the 29-year-old said.

“I’d pitched up, made my dinner on my little stove and had a couple of beers. Around 10:30 pm I got in my sleeping bag to start winding down for the night. It was at this point it got strange. I could hear talking.”

The bloke thought he was "getting murdered for sure," since he was literally "in the middle of nowhere," but he suddenly realised that the voices he heard were in fact a few 18 year olds carrying speakers and DJ equipment. 

The teen-ravers were joined by about 50 other people, who reportedly turned the camp ground into a 'night club'.

Broome says he "had no choice but to get stuck in and join the party", adding "they were very accommodating, they supplied me with beers for the night."

"They were just as amazed to be bumping into each other than I was, like what are the chances of this in the middle of absolute nowhere."

Check out a snippet of the rave below!