Drake and Beyoncé have both dropped dance tracks and what in the 2022 is going on?

Drake and Beyoncé have both dropped dance tracks and what in the 2022 is going on?

"If you told me we'd be spinning Drake and Beyoncé, I would've told you, you're dreaming."

This is not a drill.

Beyoncé and Drake have dropped a line-up of dance-infused tracks that no one saw coming. 

Even The Big DC here at GeorgeFm was shocked at the news of Beyoncé having a house track. "If you told me a week ago we'd be spinning Drake and Beyoncé on George, I would've told you, you were dreaming." 

Drake dropped the news of his new dance album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ on Friday, giving us only 6 hours to prepare for the drop.

The new LP includes 14 songs and is produced by Drake, his longtime collaborator Noah Shebib, Black Coffee, Noel Cadastre, and his manager Oliver El-Khatib.

The album is largely house-influenced, with hints of tech-house thrown in the mix and fans are getting behind it online.

A personal fave here at GeorgeFM is ‘Massive’.

Beyoncé has also just released the first track 'Break My Soul' off her upcoming album ‘Renaissance’ and it was not what we were expecting.

The dance tune includes two main samples: a reworked synth melody from Robin S.' classic house track 'Show Me Love' and a voice sample from Big Freedia's 2014 LP Just Be Free, 'Explode'.

The concept of the album, set to be released in July, has yet to be revealed to fans but was teased in her recent British Vogue cover story.

Beyoncé produced the new tune, which she also co-produced with Jay Z, The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, and BlaqNmilD.

With a BPM of 115, 'Break My Soul' might be a turning point for Beyoncé to enter her dance era and we aren’t complaining.

With two of hip-hop icons making the move, will house become the most popular genre in 2022?