Supermarket staff find NZ$131M worth of cocaine in banana boxes

Supermarket staff find NZ$131M worth of cocaine in banana boxes

They found enough cocaine to balance the scales against a Super Rugby forward pack

Czech Republic supermarket staff opened up the latest shipment of bananas, only to find a whole bunch of cocaine.

Police said that 840kg of cocaine was found in the banana boxes sent to supermarkets in the towns of ‘Jicin’ and ‘Rychnov nad Knezou’ in the Czech Republic - that’s pretty much the same weight as a Super Rugby forward pack - definitely enough blow to make you go bananas. 

The drug was found wrapped in green packaging and stuffed in banana crates.

Police reckon there was about £68 million worth of cocaine found, which is around $131 million NZ dollars - making it the biggest drug bust in Czech Republic history. 

Surprisingly, coke being found in banana crates has been happening quite a bit recently. Which suggests there are either some bad drug smugglers out there or a banana plantation has a really weird promotion going on.

In June of last year workers at a supermarket in Warsaw, Poland found over 160kg of cocaine in banana crates. In December, stores in Latvia opened banana crates and found 170kg of the white stuff mixed in with their bananas.

None of those, however, hold a candle to the biggest cocaine bust ever.

Feds in Philly found an estimated $2 billion (NZD) worth of coke in a Mediterranean container ship. There was a whopping 17,900 kilograms of the stuff.

That probably weighed more than the anchor of the ship it was being carried over on.

That’s fucked mate.