Tammy is stepping into the ring for 'Fight for Life'

Tammy is stepping into the ring for 'Fight for Life'

The two will be scrapping it out to raise money for Mike King's charity 'I Am Hope'.

George FM’s Tammy ‘The Tornado’ Davis is taking it to the ring against The Rock’s Jay Reeve, in a boxing match as part of 'Fight for Life.' 

All fighters on the night - which include Keven Mealamu, Liam Messam, Carlos Spencer, and more - will be raising money for Mike King's charity 'I Am Hope' - a great cause that helps our youth with mental health problems. 

George | Tammy and Jay talk about Fight For Life
George | Tammy and Jay talk about Fight For Life
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Tammy, who we prefer to call the ‘Light Northwesterly’, has been talking a lot of shit before the fight, which will take place on the 21st of July.

“I’m so happy, I can’t wait to knock Jay Reeve out on the night and send him home with his tail between his scrawny legs.”

Alright mate.

All funny business aside, Tammy is pretty pumped up to get some money towards a good cause.

“On a more humble note, I can’t wait to raise money for I Am Hope," he said in a press release. 

"The passion they show towards saving the lives of our tamariki is the same passion I’m going to show as I walk in that ring and the same dedication I’ll give to supporting this cause."

Go on Tammy!

Tammy is stepping into the ring for 'Fight for Life'

The two soon to be opponents had a chat with each other on our breakfast show in anticipation of the fight - which you can watch above. 

Trash talk was minor, with most of the chat going towards the much more important reason for the fight.

“It takes a different sort of person to say, at 40 and probably not the best nick of our lives, to jump into a ring and share some leather, and we’re not holding back… We’re gonna give it everything that we got,” said Reeve.

With Tammy and Jay both being parents, the cause is really important to them.

Tammy told Reeve, who undoubtedly agreed, summing up b-e-a-utifully, what the fight is all about. 

“To make sure that if any of our kids or their mates are ever in a situation where they need to be having that sort of one-on-one time with a qualified individual,[to know] that we could contribute to that” is why they're doing it. 

Awesome stuff gentlemen. 

Have yourself a night and get some tickets. Not only will you be helping out an amazing cause, but you'll get to see a couple of old geezers trying to knock each other out. 

Get your tickets here.