Brook sends himself to the pub via parcel to save $0.93 cents

Brook sends himself to the pub via parcel to save $0.93 cents

Brook Gibson discovered that he could save a dollar by delivering himself in a box

Classic Brook…

George - Brook Gibson parcels himself to the pub in an attempt to save 93 cents
Brook decides to get in a box and send himself to the pub via a ridesharing app
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Recently an infamous ride-sharing app introduced a new parcel feature that allows users to send packages to one another in an instant.

Creative genius and smart spender, Brook Gibson discovered that could save a dollar or two by getting into a box before jumping into your ride rather than just jumping in the back seat.

“There’s a ride-share app where you can send packages to any location and it’s cheaper to send a package to a location than it is to send a human. In the same car to the exact same location and the same amount of distance. So I thought, why not send myself as a package up to the pub”

Did someone say ‘dick in a box’?

Turns out two weeks ago Brook’s box method was cheaper … buuuut if you try this out now you’d be spending an extra $4. However, you would save yourself from having to ask the driver the same questions he’s heard a million times before - you know the ones.

Anyway, we found out the hard way that putting yourself in a box, getting your intern to wheel you to the car and filming yourself for ten minutes isn’t worth the hassle.

Let’s repeat that for people who think this is a funny idea… IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Was this big adventure a waste of time? Maybe. Was it worth annoying health and safety? Probably not.

This isn’t the first time Brook has gotten himself into some silly adventures though. Despite never setting foot in an ice rink, he believed that he could beat the world record for speed skating. Spoiler… he didn’t get close. Click here to watch it.

Moral of the story, it would be silly to send yourself to the pub in a box without double-checking that your actually saving money.

Check out Brook parcelling himself to the pub up above.