LISTEN: Dom Dolla releases long-awaited festival weapon 'Miracle Maker'

LISTEN: Dom Dolla releases long-awaited festival weapon 'Miracle Maker'

Big huge weapon of a tune.

We've been waiting for this one for a while.....

Dom Dolla talks new track Miracle Maker
The dancefloor filler is finally here
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House hitmaker Dom Dolla has finally blessed us with festival weapon 'Miracle Maker' after dropping it in shows for the last wee while.

General Lee chatted to the Aussie DJ/producer about the new release where he revealed the warm - and at times intense - reception of the track.

'I've never been bullied online to release a record before' he laughed. 'It's really exciting man, I've never had this much vibe on a record before.... I just love that everyone's so passionate about it.'

Combining a pitched up classic rap vocal for the intro with the powerful and soulful gospel vocals of Clementine Douglas, 'Mirace Maker' has sent festival frothers into a frenzy for months and now we have our hands on it to enjoy on demand.

Check it out below.

As for his remix of Kiwi classic Slice Of Heaven that featured in his summer shows over here, General Lee may have sparked a bit of interest in getting an official release signed off.

Check out their chat up top and fingers crossed we can keep an eye out for that soon - and make sure you catch Dom Dolla at Hidden Valley Festival this summer - ticketing details here.