'Never again will I dance to that song': The lyrics to ‘Macarena’ tell a crook tale

'Never again will I dance to that song': The lyrics to ‘Macarena’ tell a crook tale

"I just read the lyrics and tell me that shit ain't f*cked up."

Dancing along to ‘Macarena’ is a beloved part of parties and primary school assemblies, but a look into the actual lyrics can put a black mark on those memories. 

A mere few songs in our culture can be recognised by the dance, even with no music playing. 

Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’, 1960’s ‘The Twist’, the classic that is ‘Baby Shark’, and, of course, Los Del Rio's ‘Macarena’. But the song we know and love actually tells a story of a dishonourable girlfriend and the worst kind of cheating known to man.

We’ve all slapped our elbows and rotated the forearms around to the 1993 tune, but have you ever taken a step back and really listened to what you’re grooving to?

Have a listen and read the lyrics to the song, but be warned, there is no going back after this. 

"When I dance, they call me Macarena / And the boys, they say que soy buena / They all want me."

"They can't have me / So they all come and dance beside me / Move with me / Chant with me / And if you're good, I'll take you home with me."

"But don't you worry about my boyfriend / He's a boy whose name is Vitorino / I don't want him / Couldn't stand him / He was no good so I (hahahaha)."

"Now, come on, what was I supposed to do? / He was out of town and his two friends were so fine."

"Come and find me, my name is Macarena / Always at the party con las chicas que son buenas / Come join me / Dance with me / And all you fellows chant along with me."

That’s right, primary school students throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world have been happily dancing along to a lady cheating on her boyfriend with his best mates. 

Through sheer ignorance, we have been gleefully dancing along to a story of pure betrayal and adultery. 

People on Twitter have dawned on this shocking revelation and are questioning their whole attitude towards the iconic song and dance. 

“I just read the lyrics to macarena and tell me that shit ain’t fucked up I was a little kid dancing to that shit man,” said one distraught user. 

“Sooo I just read the lyrics to Macarena… Never again will I dance to that song,” said another. 

We truly are sorry to bring this news to you, but perhaps there is a lesson in here somewhere about listening before you dance. It’s a shame the song is an undeniable bop though.