Turns out Barbie PC games from the early-2000s are full of sick house tunes

Turns out Barbie PC games from the early-2000s are full of sick house tunes

It's about to be a Barbie world when we're behind the decks.

A Twitter thread has thrust the Barbie: Beauty Boutique 2003 computer game into conversations with the likes of 'NBA2K', 'FIFA', and 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater' for video games with killer soundtracks

We would like to thank Twitter user @Mechazawa for introducing the genuinely groovy house disco tune to us.

He tweeted out the song with the caption “why the fuck does this barbie pc game song slap so hard?” That's a great question sir.  

Tell me, if you walked into a club, and that song was on, you wouldn’t give your mate the stank face x subtle head nod combo.

You know the one. 

Turns out the song comes from De Wolfe Music, a production company that makes background music for anything from games, TV shows, the news, sports games, and so on. 

@Hrothgarcanuck tweeted that the song (titled 'Lay It Down 2') was made by two Brazillian House and Eurodance artists called Tchorta and Gui Borrato - the latter of which has 500,000+ monthly listeners and some tunes with millions of plays on Spotify. 

Here is the original track in all its glory.

As is the beauty of the internet, people started replying to the original tweet with other songs from early 2000s video games that have no reason to go as hard as they do. 

This song from the trailer for ‘Trackmania on Wii’ released back in 2010 would not be out of place in a house mix today.

If you’re looking for some new beats to study to, someone posted the background music from a 'Barbie: Horse Adventures' title screen and it is some great lo-fi music. 

The rest of the songs from the Beauty Boutique soundtrack have got something to them. One YouTuber, called ‘S R,’ posted the whole soundtrack (and nothing else) to their channel. 

According to their description, they went out of their way to record the game’s songs and upload them simply because they’ve always been massive fans of the tunes.

Well, S R, thank you for immortalising this soundtrack and creating a link between Barbie and House music that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.