Credit to Reddit user 'battletoasta'

Two cows caused chaos on the streets of Whanganui and yes this article is filled with puns

Right Here Right Now 11/07/2022

Guess the cow isn’t a huge fan of police steak-outs…

Police in Whanganui are having beef with a couple of criminal cows on the loose after one of them colided with a police officer. The story has, of course, gone viral across in NZ and you could say that the police officer has been made a laughing stock…

Just to make it clear, here’s a warning for those who hate puns. This moos article is unapologetically full of them and we aren’t at all sorry about it. If that’s not for you feel free to mooove along you cow-ards.

Video Credit: Alexandra Doble

Whanganui police heard about this medium-rare occurrence around 11.15am today.

Officers were drawn to the attention of the cattle, first spotted on Wordsworth St about 11:15am. A witness told the Whanganui Chronicle: “This thing just charged him".

In the Whanganui & Area News Page Facebook group, locals were split on what the right moooove was.

“It's a shame they won't let it go free, after all it deserves it after that dash.”

“...surely if that cow was happy and everything was Humane in the Wanganui Slaughterhouse she would have not tried to escape”

“Cops need to have a steak out”

It’s unclear where the cow came from at this point but Whanganui locals have been sharing their own spottings of the cow around town. In one video the cow is seen running down the road side by side to a car as two police cars are chasing it down. 

No wonder the teachers at school weren't fans of 'bullrush' eh? 

Unfortunately, one of the loose cows has been put down after getting stuck in some mud and the other cow has been contained. Not a happy ending for everyone involved, but it's all about safer cow-munities together, team.