UK Government uses dnb in video asking people not to rave

funny shit 19/02/2021

The UK Government has used a dnb track in a video reminding people it's illegal to meet up, have baby showers and rave. If that wasn’t weird enough, they also attempted to parody the old “You wouldn’t steal a car” copyright ads. It’s just as bizarre as you can imagine.

The doof plays as body cam footage is shown of people in social situations when they shouldn’t be. It’s hard to pay attention to the actual message with the music and weirdly timed graphics. Putting baby showers with intense moving graphics under that tune was an interesting choice from whoever made this.

It's no surprise that their government has put a video out on this as illegal raves have been happening all over the UK.  £10,000 fines have been given out to organisers of the raves along with an £800 penalty for people attending social events of more than 15 people.