'This is not your song': TikTok singer accused of ripping off Wilkinson's 'Afterglow'

Right Here Right Now 14/06/2022

A German singer on TikTok has been accused of ripping off Wilkinson’s hit song ‘Afterglow’ after posting a snippet of her latest (and only) song ‘Falling Deeper’.

People in the comments have been quick to accuse Shana of ripping off the legendary DnB artist. 

Here is the original song (like you haven't heard it already) so you can make your own decision on whether it’s a copy or not.

Shana, who has over 4 million followers across both TikTok and Instagram, also posted a clip of her new song to the gram. 

The caption says 'This is my FIRST song!!' and includes the hashtag #originalsong. 

Gram comments were along pretty similar lines to the ones on the TikTok.

To be fair, there are only a certain amount of chords and chord progressions you can use in a song, so it can be pretty hard to be compleeetely original.

But if you were going to straight rip off a DnB song, Afterglow - being one of the most famous songs of the genre -  would probably be the worst one to do. 

Wilkinson is yet to say anything on the matter.