NZers paying the most for MDMA, cocaine and LSD in the world

News 17/05/2019

Well. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but looks like us Kiwis are paying the most out of any country in the world for our illegal goodies. Yikes.

In the 2019 Global Drug Survey released yesterday, NZ was ranked as the most expensive country in the world to buy cocaine, MDMA and LSD. 

According to the survey, Kiwis are paying almost four times as much as Americans for cocaine - about $375 NZD per gram. Americans pay about $96 NZD, and the world average is $136 NZD. That's one HUGE markup. 

Contrastingly though, NZers were in the bottom two countries to say they wanted to use less cocaine, with only 22% saying they did.

Us Kiwis also pay the most for the ol' Mollly, $322 NZD per gram on average for MDMA. The average for LSD in NZ was $64 tab. 

New Zealand Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell said the main reason drugs are expensive here is because, well, we're really far away. But because they're so expensive, it means people are more likely to make their own "homebake", said Bell. Probably not the safest idea, but it happens. 

Pretty unlucky for us... not that we want drugs anyway. Drugs are bad kids. The real ecstasy can be found in spending time with your loved ones right?

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