CCTV captures man jumping in window of moving car to stop crash

Right Here Right Now 02/05/2022

CCTV footage has captured the absolutely insane moment a man chased down and jumped through the window of a runaway car to stop it from crashing.

The video - timestamped at the middle of last year - begins fairly unassumng. A quiet street with a few people going about their day, before two men sprint into frame and a car with no one at the helm is heading downhill towards an intersection with no means of stopping.

One of the men thinks quickly, jumps through the open window and pulls the handbrake just in time for the car to roll to a stop ahead of a driveway.

Check it out below.

With both legs hanging out the window, the man stopped a potential disaster and escaped unscathed. Thankfully no cars were coming from either of the other sides!

The video was shared to the r/BeAmazed sub- Reddit and quickly got a lot of heat, with users lauding the man as 'bad-ass', while others theorised that perhaps it was his own car and that's why he was so alert and committed to stopping it.

Either way, we're just stoked that nothing bad happened and we got to watch the crazy moment unfold.