Festival Drug-testing stations are here to stay

News 09/04/2021

Andrew Little has confirmed today that drug testing at music festivals will become a permanent operation. 

The Health Minister confirmed the news after research has proven a change in behaviour with people who used the drug testing services. 

The University of Victoria performed a study showing that 68% of festival attenedees changed their behaviour after having their drugs tested over the summer. 

Little says, 

It allows voluntary organisations like KnowYourStuff to test drugs at events like music festivals to verify they are what people think they are, without running foul of the law,

"The Drug Checking Act will expire in December, and experts are telling us it should be made permanent."

He also confirmed he would pass the legislation this year to limit the current grey area around testing legalities. 

After this summer, Know Your Drugs was testing and saw many bath salts sold to people as MDMA, or ecstasy.