Gamers Can Burn As Many Calories As 1,000 Sit-Ups In A Two-Hour Session

Culture 19/08/2021

Trying to stay fit in lockdown just got a lot easier because a new study has revealed how many calories we can burn during a fairly hectic gaming session.

Esports platform Stakester discovered gamers can burn up to 420 calories over two hours, which, according to them, is the same as doing 1,000 sit-ups.

Tom Fairey, CEO and founder of Stakester, said in a statement: "We all know that competition increases our heart rate and most of us have experienced the 'gaming sweats' that happens when you're searching for a last-minute goal in FIFA or a tight spot in Warzone. It certainly beats doing 1,000 sit ups".

Australian researchers discovered gamers are 21 per cent more likely to have healthier body weights compared to the average population and people who play video games will drink less alcohol and smoke less than the general population.

Lockdown exercise sorted.