Insane video shows how epic Lee Mvtthews 6-hour-long Endurance show was

Right Here Right Now 13/05/2022

If you missed it, Lee Mvtthews performed a six-hour-long 'Endurance' set at Spark Arena in Auckland last Friday, and it was out the gate. 

Over that euphoric six hours, the pair took the crowd across a musical landscape of house, garage, trap, dubstep, and obviously, some filthy drum and bass. 

The group has released an unreal video on their Instagram that shows their point of view from the stage in Spark and the crowd was absolutely pumping. 

The video also contains some backstage footage of the duo looking surprisingly fresh and calm after six hours of dropping nothing but tunes in front of an amped-up crowd. 

They even said they feel like they could go for another six hours, as well as showing love and appreciation to the fans in the arena. 

The crowd was so mean ... [they] just like everything. This is so sick. And then as we soon as we got to Drum and Bass that was just like, fucking class.

No Lee Mvtthews, you were fucking class.