Jon Snow is set to return in Game of Thrones spin-off sequel, and fans want to know why

Right Here Right Now 20/06/2022

Kit Harrington is set to return as the fan favourite character Jon Snow in a Game of Thrones spin-off sequel, and fans of the show aren’t too happy.

The announcement was first reported by ‘The Hollywood Reporter' last week and since then, plenty of fans have taken to the internet to get all the questions, aggressions, and memes out that they can.

People are mostly just confused. Where will the story go after it was wrapped up in season 8? What characters will we see? Why are you doing a spin-off about arguably the main character of the show?

Not a lot is actually known about the sequel, it is still only in early development which may mean it might not even happen. If it does go through, a few fanatics are hoping it means HBO plans to rewrite the wrongs of season 8.

That final season is now infamous as one of the biggest disappointments in TV history and known as pretty much a massive choke job that caused GOT to completely fall out of the ‘best show of all time’ discussion.

It seems most people have no expectations whatsoever for the show.

Their trust was destroyed by how the final season went so they’re now just kind of in a ‘fuck-it’ mode. If it's good, it’s good, if not, who cares?. It’s not like it can get any worse… right?