Kiwi Redditor's quest to find someone with a Dane Rumble tattoo goes viral

Right Here Right Now 03/08/2022

An online search for someone so moved by the man, the myth, the legend that is Dane Rumble they got a tattoo inspired by him is heating up online. 

A Redditor with the username inrealphife shared their quest on the r/newzealand subreddit, where it quickly took off. 

"Do you have a Dane Rumble tattoo?" the post was titled.  

"Lyrics, portrait, inspired? I'm settling a debate that at least one person in this great nation has a tattoo involving the prince that was promised.

"Ka Kite," it continued. 

"EDIT: if one more person asks who is Dane Rumble I’m calling a welfare check on myself." 

Dane Rumble

Despite the traction the post has received in less than 24 hours, it doesn't appear anyone has come forward with any ink inspired by the former Fast Crew frontman - but that could be about to change. 

Lee and Tammy had a yarn about this Redditor's mission on the George Breakfast show, and it wasn't long until one brave man offered his skin up as canvas for the commemoration. 

Rocky said he'd be up for the ink, "as long as it wasn't on his forehead", so watch this space. 

Dane Rumble

If that scenario doesn't come to fruition, there is another backup.

When the OP was asked if they would be forced to get the first Dane Rumble tattoo if it was proven no one had one, they replied: 

"Yeah, full portrait where he's holding a wand ... as in 'Rumbledore'."

"Please NZ," they added. 

How does Dane himself feel about all this? We just don't know. The man is an enigma. What we do know, because we're real journalists around these parts, is how he feels about tatts in general. 

According to a 2010 interview with Stuff, he has a sacred heart tattoo on his left shoulder and an inscription reading the Lord is my light in Latin, as a nod to his family. 

"When you're 50 you're not going to look at a snake on your arm and be like, `oh, stoked'," he said at the time.