Qld league player gives cooked live interview while steamed after post-match celebrations

Right Here Right Now 15/07/2022

If you haven’t heard, Queensland won the State of Origin this past week in an instant classic of a game. With all great sporting victories, an even greater night out for the winning team follows. 

Queensland Player Jai Arrow went out for a few brews after their win against New South Wales, as he should.

Having obviously kicked on until the morning, he rolled back to the hotel equipped with a killer Cane Toad hat and some battle scars from the game, only to be met by Australian news channel ‘Nine’ and a reporter of theirs.

What followed was an interview for the history books. 

“To win the decider at Suncorp,” he started off strong. 

There’s nothing no better feeling … clearly I’ve enjoyed myself. 

When it comes to the story of how he got the hat, he said it was part of a business deal he made with another bloke he met while out on the town. 

“I swapped some bloke the hat for my shorts,” he manages to say, fighting back the beers as well as the harsh morning sun we’re sure. “So, um, grateful that he could, ya know, give me his hat.”

Incredible stuff man. 

The news presenter then went on to explain how the interview came to be, saying that she rocked up at 6:30 in the morning and saw Jai hopping out of an uber with “the ridiculous hat on and wearing some really tight bike pants”.

Is it really a victorious night out if you don’t end up with some stranger’s hat on your scarred head and some killer bike shorts on? We say no.

Anyway, the interview happened yesterday so our bet right now is that Jai is either still asleep or going through one of the worst hangovers of his life at the moment. 

Either way, he’s still waking up a champion.