RyanAir steward arrested and sacked after sinking piss on a flight

Right Here Right Now 26/05/2022

A steward on a RyanAir flight was photographed and filmed getting horsed on the job, leading to him getting fired and being arrested. 

A passenger asked the steward for some booze when the steward replied, “Shush, don’t tell anyone but I will have one too.”

The passenger said the steward then necked a shot of whiskey before sinking a 187ml bottle of rosé.

video of the loose incident has been obtained by The Sun

The passenger who was the supposed drinking buddy suspected the steward had pre-loaded before clocking in, 

He sounded drunk and looked like he had been drinking for longer than just on the flight 

Jeez man, we know work can be tough at times but give it a rest, and definitely don't turn it on for the cameras. 

The passenger understandably snitched on the steward, telling the captain about his crew member’s drunken antics. This reportedly made the captain furious, so he called the police who arrested the steward when they landed.

Ryanair’s ‘Code of Business Conduct and Ethics’ states that anyone “impaired by drugs or alcohol while performing company business” is “subject to disciplinary action”. And subjected to disciplinary action the steward was.

Was it all worth it for one shot of whisky and a tiny bottle of wine? We're gonna guess not.