TikTok-viral cranberry juice guy has used Māori music in his latest video!

Te Ao Maori 01/11/2021

Doggface208 has jumped on board the latest Tiktok dance trend and impressed Kiwi's with his respectful appreciation of Māori culture.

The Tiktok star has almost 7 million followers and gained fame after a video of him longboarding to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams while drinking cranberry juice went viral. He's known for some great dancing and good vibes.

Kiwi's were stoked to see the New Zealand trend on the FYP and praised Doggface208 for taking the time to learn the dance rather than making it up.

The artist of the song, Rob Ruha responded to Doggface208's dance music video by commenting, "@doggface208 - you are AWESOME!!! Thanks for supporting our music much love". Rob Ruha even decided to duet the video and join in on the trend!

It's great to see the world appreciating Māori music and loving it as much as we do! Congrats Rob Ruha for getting the recognition your waiata deserves!