UK footballer kicks on in Ibiza on 3-day bender after Premier League victory

Right Here Right Now 25/05/2022

Jack Grealish, a football player for Manchester City, has been spotted in Ibiza continuing his 3-day bender after his team won the Premier League.

The Englishman did not play in the title-clinching win against Aston Villa but did not let this small fact get in the way of the highly boozy celebrations.

He was spotted double-parked in some slick shades on stage at the team’s championship parade, as well as delivering some truly great horsed speeches.

One of the high points saw Grealish ribbing his teammate for being “off it” during the game. His voice is a dead giveaway of how hard he has been going.

He was reportedly seen leaving a bar at 3 am on Monday, the morning after Man City's win. 

48 hours later, the lad was spotted in Ibiza, where all legendary benders seem to end up. Here he is with Wayne Lineker, owner of O Beach, one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza. 

Late last year, Grealish signed a six-year $140 million contract with Manchester City, which is currently the most expensive contract ever signed by a Premier League player.

So with over $100 million in the bank, it seems Grealish might just bend through till the end of time, or at least until the next Premier League season starts. 

Who can blame him?