You can find out how long queues are at your local takeaways using this website

Local culture 22/09/2021

Woohoo, Auckland made it to level 3!

The move to level 3 comes along with long queues of those who can’t stand their own cooking at fast food joints. Right?!

But one website is trying to help Aucklanders beat the long waits and get their hands on takeaways as soon as possible.

In anticipation of Auckland’s move to level 3 at 11.59pm Tuesday night, the team behind the Time in the Line website has made a new addition.

A new fast food wait time feature was being added to the webiste at 8pm on Tuesday for Auckland’s McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King restaurants.

Much like the testing site and supermarket wait time features on the website, this feature relied on crowdsourced information. Which means those in line for such services could update the wait times on the website in real time with expected delays.

The website, created by digital agency Libby and Ben last year, recently expanded its functionality to include vaccination clinic data. This feature helped people book their vaccinations based on availability at nearby clinics.

In the last week, around 40,000 users visited the website.

You can check out the wait times for your local takeaways here.

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