Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme
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Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme

What would life be like as a meme?

Just over six months ago, Danielle Bregoli (AKA cash me ousside) was your regular, bratty, 13-year-old girl, with a nasty mouth and a mother who had no clue how to handle her.

These days, she charges 30k an appearance, with her own line of merchandise and a whopping 8.4 million followers on Instagram.

However, on the flip side of her success; there’s multiple videos of Bregoli getting the shit beaten out of her, that are continuously surfacing on the internet, concerns growing about her increasingly, sexualised image encouraging pedophiles, and she's a victim of cyber bullying that's so bad, she makes Max Key’s haters look about as mean as that cute fox who steals shit from Dora the Explorer. 

On that note, we found ourselves pondering what life would truly be like if you were turned into a meme.

It could happen to any of us, at any time. Some mate comments on a god awful, yet hilarious and relatable photo of you from your awkward prepubescent days, (back when 12-year-old's still had awkward prepubescent days and didn't know how to use eye-liner better than your girlfriend), the photo gets a good caption. And then BAM. You are a meme.

So, here’s six other, regular people who had that exact thing happen…

Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme


Ol’ Scumbag Steve. He's the "that guy" of every situation. Nobody wants to be that guy.

Blake Boston, the man behind the meme, has been subjected to people hunting him down at his own home, calling him in the middle of the night, coming after his family and posting personal details online. Poor guy.   

Leave Blake alone.

Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme


In the original photo of Maggie Goldenberger, she was posing as a joke, simply playing a character…

Then shit blew up.

And she indirectly spawned the era or the "ERMAHGERDs" and general "ER" speak.

Back in 2012, Goldenberger was traveling around India with her then girlfriend, when a friend sent her the OG "ERMAHGERD GERSBERMS" meme (above) through a message on Facebook. At that moment, Goldenberger had no idea how widespread the meme had already gotten and just thought it was kinda funny.  

That soon changed. 

She's dealt with some harassment over the years... fortunately. it's largely been light hearted. 

Goldenberger told Vanity Fair: “I just can't believe this is my 15 minutes of fame—I was hoping it would come in another form. But I guess you have to take what you can get.”

These days she's a practicing nurse. Having long moved on from dressing up as a goober, she wants her life as a meme to be in her past… but it keeps coming back to haunt her. And probably always will.

Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme


Remember the story about the man who divorced and sued his wife because their kids didn’t look anything like either of them and she had “misrepresented” herself? This was a false news story.

The photo was actually taken as an ad for plastic surgery. However Taiwanese model, Heidi Yeh’s career has been left in ruins because of this meme.

The story got out of hand, people truly believed it was a real family photo and refused to book her on the premise that she'd had extensive plastic surgery...

She hasn’t. So that sucks.  

Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme


Here’s a life that wasn’t actually ruined forever. Top notch meme yarn, considering how embarrassing the content for most of Bad Luck Brian’s memes are - usually involving jokes around sexuality or bodily functions.

Brian was first posted to Reddit by a friend who captioned the image "takes driving test... gets first DUI." This only received five upvotes, but the same image with the caption in the image above was shared a few hours later, this got thousands of upvotes, reached the front page of Reddit and then the rest is history... Bad Luck Brian memes still go strong. 

Brian came on a Reddit AMA a couple years ago where he revealed his real name was Kyle and told us that the photo was taken at his seventh grade school photos.

During the AMA he also revealed he’d had relatively good luck in life. Getting recognised by Seth Rogen, Winning an X-Box at one point, and even picking up the hand chimes. 

The worst that seems to have come to Bad Luck Brian was more memes about Bad Luck Brian’s real life... How could Redditor's resist hand chimes though? 

Seven regular people whose lives got rekt by a meme


This image was taken from Tim's MySpace and repurposed by the depths of the interwebs for a short but very, deeply, intense period.

Tim was redubbed as "Shiva" (AKA 'Thumbs Up Kid' or 'The C**t Destroyer'.)

Gyropedia has a dedicated page to the meme that explains Tim as "a short-lived forced-meme that spread like cancer on January 15, 2012."
During an interview with Vice, Tim spoke about his life as a meme:

“Sometimes it heightens my cynicism and reinforces my fear and other times it feels oddly liberating. I think mostly it taught me to choose more wisely what I distribute on the internet, which in itself I think has caused me to experience a lot of self-image issues based on ephemera projected on the web or about me. I mostly feel OK with it being a thing but I’m definitely not happy about it. I guess I am mostly embarrassed… It was meant to be funny; I don’t know that I think it’s funny now.”


Brett Ambler is the super star DJ of awkward 1980’s videos.

However for the most part, he’s a meme-success.

Ambler did try to keep his kazoo identity on the DL for a long time, as he still continues to work as an actor.

He found people tended to define him as the beloved kazoo kid rather than a serious actor... out-bloody-rageous. 

However, now that he’s a bit older, Ambler has come to embrace his inner kazoo kid. His Twitter pic even shows him proudly rocking the Kazoo. 

Got meme'd. Life not in tatters. GREAT JOB KAZOO KID. 

Well. That's the end of the article and our take on meme life. 

We just wanted to say thanks. We're glad you came along, partner.