Cash me ousside girl got caught outside, got her ass beaten
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Cash me ousside girl got caught outside, got her ass beaten

In trouble again. How bow dah.

Warning: the video contains violence that may disturb some viewers.

Fourteen-year-old Danielle Bregoli's life has gone very quickly from one extreme to another.

The troubled teen appeared on Dr. Phil in September 2016 to discuss her behavioural problems, and came out the other side with a catchphrase, hundreds of thousands of dollars and a reality TV show.

However Bregoli, who coined the phrase "cash me outside, how bow dah", has not been able to run away from her abrasive personality by the looks of things - with a newly emerged Facebook video appearing to show she's landed herself in trouble again.

The footage shows a girl who looks like Bregoli being chased down by another girl in the middle of a suburban Florida street, before falling on the ground where she's continually punched in the head and has her hair pulled.

The girl, who has Bregoli's trademark curly auburn locks, can then be seen trying to walk off with a swagger in attempt to hide the fact she's just sustained a beating.

But now the star's mother says the girl being beaten up in the video wasn't her daughter and it's a hoax.

"We're in Los Angeles and we've been here for almost a month," Barbara Bregoli told Gossip Extra.

"We're working on the reality TV show and trust me when I tell that ain't Danielle. She hasn't been beaten since March 2016. That was the last time."

However many are doubting Ms Bregoli's version of the story, especially because the last time Danielle was beaten was actually much more recent than that - and by her own mother, no less.

Viral footage showed her being hit and called a "bitch" by her mother emerging last month, as well as fights on a plane and in a bar in February.

There are also doubts about the mother's claims that they have been in LA for a month, with photos showing they were in their native Florida less than a week ago - and it is known they need to return there frequently for court hearings.