There's a new app that's been hailed as 'Uber for sex'
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There's a new app that's been hailed as 'Uber for sex'

Sick of the lonely cry-wank-and-swipe on Tinder? This could be your answer.

Stop beating around the bush... or just beating your own bush. Yes, you, having a lonely crywank-and-swipe on Tinder. 

There's a new app rolling out in the UK right now, called 'Rendevu' which openly admits it's for sex.

If it's successful there's no reason why it won't end up here...

Yes, essentially, you're swiping sex workers - so your success rates are going to sky rocket!

With a similar layout to Tinder, users can pick and choose their chosen fuck buddy. But this is based on ratings and price rather than 'not looking for anything serious' or 'need a travel friend' or 'If you're a fuck boy, swipe left.'

A spokesman has said:

"Phones are increasingly becoming an ever more important aspect of our daily lives.

We can order food, we can order clothes, we can even buy a car and have it delivered to our front door.

But now, thanks to Rendevu’s revolutionary new platform, we can even order sex."

Just like pork and chive dumplings. 

What a time to be alive. 

Thanks again, 2017.