The toilet middy has  shared all of Aaron Smith's dirty messages
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The toilet middy has shared all of Aaron Smith's dirty messages

Aaron Smith's mystery airport toilet romp has decided to pull the ol' middle finger to the All Black.

Image source: Facebook and Daily Mail

Aaron Smith's mystery airport toilet romp has decided to pull the ol' middle finger to the All Black. 

Just when things were looking up for ol' Aaron... he's been on form all year, he was just announced as halfback next to Beauden Barrett on the ABs side this Saturday in the Bledisloe Cup, and most of the country had seemingly forgotten about that airport toilet "indiscretion.."

Me oh my, you're not going to enjoy this Aaron...

The Daily Mail Australia has published a whopping 19 screenshots of messages that were allegedly sent between Aaron Smith and the mystery toilet middy - revealing a whole lot more than one cheeky meeting in the airport toilet. 

We're talking: 

- A two year affair, that was indisputably initiated by Aaron.

"Hi.. How u..? Probly shouldn't have message ya feel like creep now"

"Seen you at gym couple times.. Probly don't know me tho.. I'm Aaron."

- Aaron asking for a "good luck drive" the night before his 50th AB test match. 

-Aaron lying to the All Blacks managment 

- Lying to his GF Teagan about the incident.

- Hiding his girlfriend Teagan from the woman, even lying about his relationship status on the day of the airport toilet tryst, and asking for a - get this - "suck and f**k" in the toilet.

- Then when shit blew up, Aaron pressured the woman to sign a false affidavit claiming they never had sex.  

And before you jump on the defense and call her an evil bitch for dredging up the past, and/or that she’s just a gold digging ho looking for a huge pay out from a tabloid and whatever other misogynistic, villainising BS you want to throw at someone for daring to tarnish the rep of one of our demi gods in black...

If you actually go and look at those messages she’s done not much. Yes, she could have deleted some of her messages, but from the message received by Aaron it's crystal clear that it was him who pushed the whole affair.

And yet the woman has been treated with contempt by the public, think Emma Stone in Easy A. Worse.

The woman told the Daily Mail:
“Without anyone knowing who I was or what had happened, I was called a whore, a home-wrecker and a dumb b**** online, while at the same time the New Zealand public showed support for [Smith], telling him he is still their hero.

'I've been made out to be the one that was pursuing him as if it was a one off incident when it actual fact it was the other way round.” 

And while the country chose to forgive Aaron the aftermath of the ordeal still effects the woman. She’s been ostracized in her gym because the Highlander’s Management wanted her banned as they thought she’d “target” other players.   

The Highlander’s have denied this. 

The woman continued to Daily Mail: "There's stories written about how the Highlanders are all backing [Smith] and they support him…. but when it comes to me I'm like the villain.

“I was definitely the scapegoat so that he could get out of it, he threw me under the bus to try and save his own career.”

Her lawyers made contact weeks ago to settle the ongoing issue in private and Smith’s manager told her to wait until the Lions tour was finished.

“I agreed to give him a few weeks' grace, but instead of addressing it Aaron was seen holidaying in Fiji with his partner.”

Then her lawyers took to the chief exec of the Highlanders, telling the full truth and they still failed to acknowledge her. She continued to the Daily Mail,

"[New Zealand Rugby] is a really big organisation with a lot of power but they're not about doing what's right… if they can cover this up, they will.

'This is no longer an issue of a player having an affair. This is now a much wider and more serious issue of the sexist rugby culture New Zealand has demonstrated.'

It's clear that New Zealand has a serious problem with its rugby culture and misogynist attitude."

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