Anti Social Social Club reportedly owes customers half a million $$$ worth of merchandise
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Anti Social Social Club reportedly owes customers half a million $$$ worth of merchandise


In a world of fast-fashion internet shopping and same day delivery, the genius' behind the fashion label Anti Social Social Club are running against the grain, leaving their customers waiting for months on end for their clothing. 

Yes, Anti Social Social Club is about that hype. However some customer's interest in the "hype" is seemingly running low as time goes on and they fall more into the can-I-have-my-fucking-jumper-or-give-me-my-fucking-money-back territory.  

Just last week, Hypebeast did an investigative exercise on their Instagram around the label's failed shipments and deliverability, asking their followers to share their experiences with the Anti Social Social Club.

"At the time of publication, at least 1,320 users reported they had yet to receive orders from this summer’s July 4 drop and at least 500 users reported they experienced two months of shipping delays before receiving their orders. According to analysis based on comments, the average value of missing orders is $380 USD, bringing the estimate of total unaccounted for merchandise close to half a million dollars." Hypebeast reports.

However, despite thousands of comments complaining about the slow shipment time (particualrly with the latest July drop) it clearly hasn't slowed down Anti Social Social Club's orders... 

Oliver Mak, founder of streetwear multi-retailer Bodega was fast to point out the psychological allure of long waits;  “ASSC is well known for long ship times, but do you really want your product the next day — or do you want to lurk on Neek’s IG where he’s pushing fat whips, and smoking exotic cigarettes with supermodels wearing dad hats,”

Although, even if people are still buying the products, going by the sheer number of complaints, most of which have gone unanswered on the label's social posts, it's safe to say that allure is wearing thin and their reputation as far as customer service goes is well out the window. 

With no comment from the label's founder Neek Lurk, we can only speculate as to what's happening behind the scenes for a brand that's got huge hype but is failing to deliver (literally).

It's possible the brand was using a made-to-order model, and has experienced such rapid expansion it's now playing a huge game of catchup.  

Or maybe Lurk's just spent all the money on cool cars and hot models? Who knows as this point... 

Read Hypebeasts full write up on the Anti Social Social Clun shipment crisis here.

How long would you be willing to wait for a clothing order before you accepted you'd been ganked?