Instagram star accidentally live streamed herself  getting the D
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Instagram star accidentally live streamed herself getting the D

Every influencers nightmare?

18-year-old Instagram model Kristen Hancher thought she was having a little private time with her boyfriend, but her idea of "private" couldn't have gotten much more "public" when she (or he) accidentally live-streamed a whole three minutes of their pants off dance off to 14,000 of her followers. 

Things could have been a lot worse for the Insta hottie, considering she's got 3.9 million followers and only 14,000 tuned in, and the camera was facing away from herself and boyfriend Andrew Gregory. However, unfortunately for Kristen the sound was cranking and reportedly there was a lot of it...  

No shame in enjoying yourself. 

About three minutes into the sex stream, Kristen realised what was going on and shut the show down.

She's told her followers how embarrassed she if. However some people are speculating it was a publicity stunt. 

I mean if you're a hot chick who wants to make a living out of being hot you'll know sex tapes aren't always a terrible idea... 

Didn't turn out half bad for Kim Kardashian.

She has since released a statement saying:  

"Whoever saw my live, I just wanna apologise; that was totally NOT intentional. Delete it from your mind.

On what happened on my live, on my Instastory, I accidentally went live and found out three minutes later and 14,000 people were watching. I am so sorry.

That was super embarrassing and super uncomfortable.

I apologise to all my fan pages. I know you all have been upset because I never gave you guys a full explanation.

But for real, guys, s**t happens. Accidents happen. You have to move and and pretend like it never happened and go on with your life. That’s what I’m gonna do."

Okay, Kirsten. Whatever you say.

Tbh we don't care if this was a genuine unfortunate accident or not, we just want to look at some more ridiculously hot photos...