Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland
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Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland


Nothing better than goin' out for dinner and getting on the razz at ya local BYO restaurant, but sometimes it can be a bit of a mission sifting out the good ones.

Well, guess what? Now you don't have to, because we've filtered out some of the best BYOs in the 09 all the George crew are regulars at, which you should definitely get amongst.

Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland

1. Canton Cafe - Kingsland

Recommended by General Lee.

Canton Cafe is located in the heart of Kingsland and is rated by Zomato one of best BYOs in Auckland.

If you're a sucker for Chinese cuisine, this is definitely the place for you, and best for larger BYO groups because of the sheer portion size of most meals. The Black Pepper chicken apparently being a crowd favourite.

Best part about it? Only a $2.50 corkage fee per person AND you can bring boxes of beers or RTDs. HOWZIT!!!

        Rowdy rating: Send it out of 10

Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland
  • Address: 477 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland
  • Average price: $60 for 2 people approx.

2. Nishiki - Freemans Bay

Recommended by Hamish from Saturday Revival

Nishiki is a Japanese restaurant just down the road from Ponsonby Central filled with hectic vibes and even better food.

Although the menu is full of all your authentic Japanese favourites, there are some more westernised options for your less adventurous friends. This place is definitely for a rowdier crowd, as the talking volume is like being in Impala after 12am.

The corkage fee is $7 per bottle. See the full menu.

Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland

Rowdy rating: Work mates have let loose after a long week out of 10

  • Address: 100 Wellington Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 
  • Average price: $70 for 2 people approx.

3. Bona Pizzeria - Ponsonby

Recommended by Tegan the web girl.

Bona Pizzeria is a little Italian haven, located at the Three Lamps end of Ponsonby Rd (little more of a walk to your fave Ponsonby clubs after) (which is actually good because Italian food = carbs) (win/win).

Pizza, pasta, and any of ya other Italian guilty pleasures are all here. 

Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland

If you have a big enough group and are buying plenty of food, corkage fee is free! Smaller groups is a $8 charge per bottle. Geez the full menu.

Rowdy rating: Little Easy predrinks out of 10

  • Address: 286A Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
  • Average price: $60 for 2 people approx.

4. KK Malaysian Cuisine - Epsom

Recommended by Shawn from the office

KK Malaysian Cuisine is pretty self explanatory, unreal Malaysian food at a super affordable price!

If your keen to satisfy your satay cravings, this is an ideal place to do it. With some killer butter prawns and mouth-watering curry, ya whole crew will find something they're into. 

Here's our Top 5 fave BYOs in Auckland

This place is probably for a quieter night being a little further out of town, so make it your only destination for the night.

We're unsure of the corkage fee, but with how good the prices are, WHO CARES! Here's the menu.

Rowdy rating: Gave the kids a babysitter and ready for the razz out of 10

  • Address: 463A Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023
  • Price: $50 for 2 people approx.

5. Pokpok - Auckland CBD

Recommended by Willy, our boss man

This absolute winner winner chicken dinner Thai restaurant, Pokpok is one of the best Asian cuisine locations on K' Rd (as said by us of course).

Probably the more boujee-er of our recommendations, the menu is not as big as your typical Asian food stop, but the set of choices really make up for it.

You can't go wrong with a bit of Pad Thai from here that's for sure!

When asked what the corkage fee was from the boss, his answer was "I dunno but there is one", so be prepared for a fee to incur. Check out the menu.

Rowdy rating: Don't take your date here out of 10

  • Address: 261 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
  • Price: $60 for 2 people approx. 

Did we miss some where epic? Let us know your favourite BYO spot and we'll check it out!