A Reddit user ranks how good different drugs are for making music
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A Reddit user ranks how good different drugs are for making music

That's one way to get the creative juices flowing.

SeedEater-1o1 decided to break the silence on reddit and ranked his experience on types of drugs when making music. Here's how each drug was ranked:

Alcohol came in last with a score of 1/10 because they don’t enjoy it and didn’t find it productive.

Nicotine isn’t ranked highly either but is a 3/10 because it’s nice but not worth it.

Our drug of choice in the office, Caffeine came in at a 7/10. It gives them a little boost of motivation and energy but you do get a crash afterwards.

Weed was an 8/10 because of the creativity boost. The only downside is if his tolerance is low he knocks out. With a solid tolerance it helps SeedEater relax so that they can be creative with their music. Their ideal combination is when they smoke daily and have coffee.

SeedEater-1o1 said that shrooms don’t actually help with making music but gives that feeling of being a kid again. “I’m gonna give shrooms 9/10 because it makes me thankful for who I am and made me wanna start taking care of myself.”

Amphetamine was rated 9/10 as they were prescribed it for ADHD. It had them producing 9-14 beats over the course of working 12 hours straight, not only that but the beats were so good they got noticed by people in the industry. There was a mention about how addictive it is though and that it’s a slippery slope when you rely on a substance to enjoy your passion. Their experience gave it a ranking of 8/10. 

Finally LSD was the lucky winner overall. Acid made SeedEater realise some confronting things but he says it actually changed his life. “This drug makes me enter what I call “the music dimension”. It’s a place where it’s just me and the music, no thoughts. It helps me break my old thought patterns and come up with new ideas and new ways to do stuff.” 

The best thing to come from this lads post is final sentence,

“Take care of yourself no matter if you are using drugs or not. And remember that there is so much more to life than just making music.”

You can read the full reddit post here.