These Are Daft Punk’s Best 10 Tracks Of All Time
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These Are Daft Punk’s Best 10 Tracks Of All Time

Yeah, we’re calling it. The best of the best.

After 23 years of hit after hit, Daft Punk have decided to retire. Pioneers of electronic music, Daft Punk walked, so that we could rave. It’s a fact that without them, EDM wouldn’t be where it is today.

In honour of 28 years of absolute tunes, here’s 10 picks of Daft Punk's greatest songs of all time. 

01. ‘One More Time’
Released in 2000, this song was actually written in 1998, but the french duo decided to sit on it to make sure it would still sound good two years later, obviously it was.

02. ‘Around The World’
Although it’s only three words repeated 144 times, Around the world is the only track on their studio album ‘Homework’ that includes lyrics.

Upon release this track hit number one on dance charts in the USA, Canada, Uk, Italy and Ireland,  literally topping the charts around the world.

03. ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’
Daft Punk seemed to take a lot of inspiration from the 70s on this album.

In ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger'’, Daft Punk sampled the Edwin Birdsong track ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ along with a famous line from 70s TV show Six Million Dollar Man, “We can rebuild him...better, faster, stronger” to create perhaps one of the best electro tracks ever. 

04. ‘Digital Love’
The third single from their third album ‘Discovery’, ‘Digital Love’ is most well-known for its incredible solo in the second half, featuring a variety of sounds and instruments.

05. ‘Robot Rock’
After a five-year hiatus, ‘Robot Rock’ was the duo's comeback single. Released in 2005, this was the first song of theirs to be based around more traditional guitar sounds, mixed with the classic robot sounds of Daft Punk that we all know and love.

06. ‘Technologic’
Released in 2005, this banger is perhaps their most lyrically packed song on their setlist, using actual full sentences and words to create a unique rhythm.

Even the music video is unique, with its creepy robot monster baby singing the lyrics. 

07. ‘Da Funk’
Released back in 1995, ‘Da Funk’ was Daft Punk’s debut single which promptly hit the charts and became a chart-topping dance hit.

Then two years later, it became a part of their debut studio album, ‘Homework’. ‘Da Funk’ and its accompanying music video (directed by Spike Jonze) is considered a classic of 90s house music.

08. ‘Get Lucky’
After a long hiatus, Daft Punk returned to the pop charts with this Grammy award winning smash hit featuring Pharell and Nile Rodgers.

Upon its release, the song broke all Spotify records. It also achieved the highest number of streams on Spotify across the US and UK within 24 hours!

09. ‘Burnin’
Also from their debut album ‘Homework’, ‘Burnin’'s bassline is reminiscent of classic french house, but its obscure sounding melody coming overtop cements it as one of the best dance jams of the 90s - PERIOD. 

10. ‘Revolution 909’
Another early release, this bad boy was dropped in 1996, and was the fifth and final single released before their incredible debut album.

Entirely instrumental, ‘Revolution 909’ is a classic example of 90s French House, and honestly it still absolutely holds up today.